Just an Old Lady with Crazy Freestyle Soccer Skills. No Big Deal. (Video)

granny keep-uppie soccer juggling

Down in Australia there’s a pretty cool non-profit organization called Football United that’s trying to use people’s love of “the beautiful game”—i.e., soccer—to raise money for charities benefitting refugees and underprivileged kids.

What’s their tactic? Well, Football United has created a kind of pledge drive called “1 Million Keeps Ups.”  The idea is that people around the country (and possibly globe) will get their friends and family members to pledge one dollar for every “keep up” they can perform. Thus, if you could juggle* the ball 40 times without it touching the ground, and you got 10 people to pledge one dollar per, you would raise $400.

It’s a pretty great idea, really. And now, like a lot of other great ideas, this one has a really great commercial.

Take a look:

Is that really a white haired old lady juggling the soccer ball? Um, somehow I doubt it. But it’s a brilliant ad, and it’s sure to raise awareness for this awesome campaign. So I hope whoever came up with it gets a raise.

*Yes, American soccer fans. “Juggling” and “keepie uppie” are one in the same.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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