Scott Dixon Hits Will Power’s Crew Member with Tire on Pit Row at IndyCar GoPro GP (Video)

scott dixon takes out will power pit crew memeber

When it comes to auto racing injuries, it’s obviously the drivers who are most vulnerable. After all, they’re the ones strapped into cars going upwards of 200 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, everyone who follows the sport also knows that it isn’t just the drivers who put themselves in harm’s way. At a professional auto racing event, pretty much everyone is in some degree of mortal danger—from track workers, to cameramen, to even the fans.

This weekend at the IndyCar GoPro Grand Prix in Sonoma, California, a member of Will Power‘s pit crew got a very serious reminder of the dangers of auto racing.

Power and Scott Dixon, who were neighbors on pit row, just happened to pull in for a pit stop at the exact same time. Dixon’s team finished a few seconds before Power’s team, so Dixon, who was behind Power, pulled out first. Unfortunately, a guy named Travis Law was carrying one of Power’s old tires away right as Dixon was driving buy, and that old tire got clipped by one of Dixon’s tires.

The result was pretty scary. Take a look:

Judging by the fact that Law was able to get back up on his feet and walk away, it looks like he escaped without serious injury. But that was a pretty close call.

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