This Day In Sports History (August 26th) — 1972 Olympics

1972 olympics

It was on this day in 1972 that the opening ceremonies were held for the 20th Summer Olympic Games.  The games were held in Munich in what was then West Germany.

The 1972 Summer Olympic Games are most remembered for a great performance by an American swimmer, as well as a horrific tragedy which took place about halfway through the games.  On September 5th a group of eight Palestinian terrorists broke into the Olympic Village and took 11 Israeli athletes, coaches and officials hostage in their apartments.  After a botched rescue attempt by German authorities, all 11 Israelis were killed in what is known as the Munich Massacre.

On a happier note, Mark Spitz of the United States dominated the swimming pool, winning seven gold medals and setting new World records in all seven events.  Mark Spitz was of Jewish faith, which forced him to leave Germany before the closing ceremonies over fears that he may be a target of those responsible for the Munich Massacre.

Here is a clip about the Munich Massacre.

Notable Birthdays

Morris Peterson, NBA – Born August 26th 1977 (age 36) in Flint, Michigan

Jamal Lewis, NFL – Born August 26th 1979 (age 34) in Atlanta, Georgia

Brendan Harris, MLB – Born August 26th 1980 (age 33) in Albany, New York

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