Male and Female Fans Brawl at Jets-Giants Preseason Game (Video)

fan fight at giants jets preseason game

The NFL preseason may feature some subpar football on the field, but up in the stands the fights are pretty much just like those you’d see in the regular season. People get drunk, people argue, and then people fight like idiots and get kicked out of the game.

Today, for our first NFL fan fight video of 2013, we present to you this gem from the Giants-Jets game on Saturday night. It’s unclear if the opposing factions were divided according to team loyalties, or if someone just spilled their beer on someone else. But they were angry. And like a lot of fan fights in the modern NFL, this one seems to have been started and/or fuelled by the ladies. After that, two guys start yapping at each other, and one of the women who started it begins holding her bald beloved back. Finally, when security arrives and gets in between the factions, that’s when the first actual punches (err, slaps) are thrown, which initiates a big melee.

Take a look at the video. And make sure you keep watching past the 2:46 mark, which is where the best part begins:

What’s that, you ask? What did that guy bend down and pick up off the ground at 2:46?

Why, that would be a clump of hair. And no, I don’t mean a clump of weave, or an extension. You can tell by the reaction of the people in the stands that it is an actual clump of hair.

Like I said, preseason NFL fan fights are just as good as regular season NFL fan fights.

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