Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence Have a Secret Handshake that Involves Some Salsa Dancing (Video)

pence and sandoval pregame ritual (panda shuffle dance)

The grueling tedium of a six-month baseball season, combined with constant travel and the repetitive nature of the game itself, tends to make baseball players a little superstitious and ritualistic.

Surely you’ve noticed if you’ve ever watched a ballgame. Pitchers who never step on the baseline, batters who step out of the box and adjust their batting gloves after every pitch, guys who don’t change pants when their team is on a winning streak—these are just some of the weird quirks you’ll find on every single Major League baseball team.

Want a concrete example? Just check out the pre-game routine of the San Francisco Giants’ Pablo Sandoval. First the Kung Fu Panda does a little fist bump thing with Francisco Peguero. Then he does a backhanded high five with Brett Pill. And, finally, he caps things off with an elaborate handshake and dance with Hunter Pence.

Of course, that description doesn’t even come close to doing this dance justice. So just watch for yourself:

Like I said, baseball players can be pretty weird.

I love it.

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