Depressing News: Matt Harvey Has a Partially Torn Ligament, Could Be Out Until 2015 (Video)

john buck consoles matt harvey

Yesterday Major League Baseball and its fans got some pretty bad news. Yet another young superstar pitcher was hitting the DL with a serious elbow injury.

A few years ago it was Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg. Now it’s Mets ace Matt Harvey.

Of course, nobody is really bothered when a veteran player blows out his elbow and has to have Tommy John surgery. In those cases we figure, hey, he’s been doing this for a while and the wear and tear adds up. It happens.

When a young ace suffers such an injury, however, it puts baseball fans into an existential crisis. Why is this happening? What does it all mean? Is everything we know about pitching wrong? Who the hell is responsible for this?

Such is the case with Harvey’s injury. Just a couple of days ago he was still Matt Harvey, the superstar pitcher who would lead the Mets back to greatness. Now he’s Matt Harvey, the superstar pitcher with a partially torn UCL in his elbow that might require surgery that will keep him out until 2015.

That’s right. 2015.

Here’s small sampling of the reaction to the news on Twitter:

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Of course, if you think baseball fans are bummed, think about how Matt Harvey must feel. The Mets have been very careful with him, shutting him down last season and giving him a strict innings limit for this season. Yet here he is, potentially facing a year of rehab. So it’s no wonder he looked so bummed out in the Mets dugout last night. Luckily catcher John Buck was there to console him:

Let’s hope Harvey doesn’t have to get Tommy John surgery. He’s one of the most exciting players in baseball, and nobody wants to go another 15 months without seeing him pitch.

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