Paraguayan Soccer Player Kicks Referee in the Face (Video)

paraguayan soccer player kicks referee

What is a soccer player to do when the referee has just ejected three of his teammates from the game? Well, in the case of one Paraguayan guy recently, the answer was quite simple: you kick the referee in the face.

During a game between Paraguayan clubs Coronel Romero and Porvenir recently, a vicious and reckless tackle by a Porvenir defender resulted in an immediate red card from the ref. It was a pretty reasonable call, and the offender accepted it and started walking away. However, the ejected player’s teammates weren’t so happy. One of them ran up to the ref and bumped him with his chest, so the ref ejected him, too. Then more Porvenir players gathered around, and it seemed as though the ref ejected yet another guy.

Finally, one of the Porvenir players decided enough is enough. So he gave the ref a flying kick to the face, like you do. After that the game was called off, and Coronel Romero was awarded the 2-0 victory.

Take a look:

That was definitely a pretty crazy scene. However, it could have been worse. At least, here, no one was stabbed or beheaded.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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