Skate LA: Levi Maestro & Theotis Beasley

simple mobile skateboarding

Last week marked the introduction of SIMPLE Mobile’s interesting and inspirational new web series, Change Your Game, hosted by Levi Maestro–the man behind his own successful web series, Maestro Knows. The first installment focused on Levi’s quest to seek out–and help out–a street artist named Push, by giving him something he’d never had before: his own gallery show.

Well, Change Your Game is back, and this time, has its sights set on a whole other demographic of dreamers: amateur skateboarders. Levi is back as well, and is now on a mission to find an up-and-coming L.A. skateboarder who needs just a little extra support to make his or her dreams come true.

In Episode 1, Levi hits up his good buddy, Theotis Beasley, an L.A. native and pro skater himself who is most definitely in the know about how and where to find the next game-changing skater. In Episode 2, the duo whittles their possible candidates down to a final four, and in Episode 3, they reach out to Dave Swift, Editorial Director of The Skateboard Mag, who agrees to feature the selected skater in an editorial piece.

Who do Levi and Theotis ultimately choose? And how does it all wrap up in Episode 4? Well, we’re not in the business of spoilers, so you’ll have to watch for yourself. You can view each episode by clicking their respective links above, or find all four at

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