The 14 Retirement Gifts Given to Mariano Rivera…So Far

mariano rivera retirement gifts

When most people retire after a long successful career, their employers and coworkers get them something kind of lame, like a plaque, or an engraved beer stein from Things Remembered. If you are a very famous and successful Major League Baseball player, however, there’s a little more fanfare. You don’t just get a little token present and a farewell party with a big sheet cake. You get an entire “farewell tour.” And at each stop of that farewell tour you get a little ceremony in front of 30,000 fans and a really extravagant gift.

Sounds pretty okay way to go out, doesn’t it?

Last year the biggest retirement in MLB was that of Chipper Jones. This year, of course, it’s the retirement of Mariano Rivera.

So what do you get for the greatest closer in the history of baseball when he retires? Well, that’s obviously some uncharted territory. But so far, 14 teams have taken a stab at it, and today we’re going to show you what they came up with. Sit back and take a look.

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