Amateur Soccer Player Blows Scoring Opportunity, Gets Punished with a Ball to the Face (Video)

soccer goal scoring fail

You know, it used to be that the only athletes who had to worry about embarrassing gaffs being immortalized on video were the pros. These days, however, it seems that everyone everywhere is filming everything. Thus, even the poor bastard in some random amateur Sunday soccer league has to worry about his boneheaded plays going viral.

That brings me to this wonderful little clip called “Instant Karma.” It features the aforementioned amateur soccer player performing the aforementioned boneheaded play—in this case, firing a wide-open, point-blank shot directly at the keeper…and then getting punished by the soccer gods for his failure.

Of course, when you anger the soccer gods, they don’t strike you down with a bolt of lightning. They strike you down with a blistering rocket off the foot off one of your teammates.

Take a look:

If America’s Funniest Home Videos were still around, that would have been a winner for sure.

Wait, what? America’s Funniest Home Videos IS still around? Are you serious?


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