Here’s C.J. Wilson Tripping and Falling on His Way To The Mound (Video)

cj wilson trips and falls

It’s funny how things work sometimes. Just yesterday, in our post about Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval doing the Panda Shuffle, we talked about the strange quirks and rituals in which some baseball players partake. And one of the ones specifically mentioned was the tradition of pitchers jumping over the first and third base lines.

Well wouldn’t you know it, last night in Tampa, Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson goes and draws attention to this strange tradition by leaping over the third base line and then tripping and falling face-first on the turf.

Was it the funniest tumble we’ve seen from a pitcher all year? Not quite. That award still belongs to the Marlins’ Chad Qualls. However, at least Qualls took a spill celebrating a strikeout. Wilson took a spill just making his way out to the mound.

Take a look:

At first it seems like maybe Wilson trips where the turf meets the dirt. But then you look closely and realize, no, he just trips on his own foot.

Poor C.J.

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