High School Football Coach Suspended for Slapping Player’s Helmet (Video)

high school football coach slaps player

In the wake of the recent Mike Rice scandal—the one that resulted in the former Rutgers basketball coach getting fired after video of him hitting and screaming at his players went viral—all youth and amateur coaches absolutely have to be on their best behavior.

For the most part, this is a good thing. There are a lot of a-holes out there. Maybe they’re not quite as bad as Bud Kilmer from Varsity Blue, but they’re still pretty bad.

However, it’s also easy to see how the increased vigilance against abusive coaches could be taken too far. Athletes are supposed to be tough. Competition brings out aggression. So sometimes tempers are going to flare up, and there’s no need for people to hit the panic button every single time it happens.

Want a very recent case to consider? Well, try this one out: a Florida high school football coach named Mark Guandolo was recently suspended for two weeks by the Broward County School Board for giving his quarterback at Cypress Bay High School a hard slap on the helmet.

Here is the incident:

Now, on the one hand, as I said at the outset, you simply cannot do this in this day and age and expect no repercussions. So the two-week suspension seems fair.

On the other hand, it’s important that people not go overboard. This was a very minor situation. The quarterback, Lucas Tellefsen, was not upset by the slap, nor was his father, Eric Tellefsen. In fact, Eric has been Guandolo’s biggest supporter through all this.

“It’s a non-issue,” the elder Tellefsen told the Sun-Sentinel. “We’re 110 percent fine with this. We don’t want anything to happen to Coach G. He means the world to the school and this football team and he wants nothing but the best for these kids… He’s coached two of my older sons that are in college on football scholarships. There’d be a line wrapped around the corner if you called his players and wanted to know what he’s done for them.”

Then Tellefsen went on to add that what the cameras didn’t capture was coach Guandolo grabbing the young quarterback right after the slap and…giving him a hug.

So I say we let this one go, anti-fun crusaders. Pick on the Mike Rices of the world and leave the Mark Guandolos alone.

What do you say?

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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