Brandon Phillips Goes on Expletive-Laced Tirade Against Reds Beat Reporter (Video)

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Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips has always been an outspoken guy, and on occasion his words have started some fires. There was, for example, the time he called the St. Louis Cardinals—and I quote—”little bitches” before a game back in 2010. The result of those two words was a pretty nasty bench-clearing brawl.

Still, I kind of always thought that Phillips was just one of those showmen types who likes putting on a persona. Despite saying some questionable things, he’s also been known to say some nice things—even about the Cardinals—and by all accounts he’s a really nice guy.

However, it turns out that what I figured was mostly an affected persona might just be closer to his actual personality than I thought.

On Wednesday afternoon in St. Louis, ironically enough, before the Reds’ rubber match against the Cardinals, Phillips interrupted manager Dusty Baker’s meeting with the media in his office to go on an expletive-laced tirade against one of the reporters.

And no, it wasn’t a St. Louis reporter. It was Cincinnati Enquirer beat reporter C. Trent Rosecrans that Phillips targeted.

The offense? Rosecrans apparently pointed out on Twitter that Phillips had a pretty bad career on-base percentage.

Here’s a transcript of the tirade:

“Hey, Dusty, the fat motherf**ker on the end is worried about my on-base percentage. Why don’t you tell him you’re having me bat eighth because he’s worried about my on-base percentage. Fat motherf**ker over there. Make him happy, Dusty. Fat motherf**ker. I’m tired of you talking that negative sh*t about our team, dog. I found out your Twitter name now motherf**ker. It’s a wrap.”

And here’s a video:

Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t have left the clubhouse, given the unspoken social contract that exists between beat writers and ballplayers. However, given that Phillips kind of went out of his way to embarrass Rosecrans, it seems that Rosecrans and the other reporters felt the aforementioned contract had already been torn asunder.

So here we are, watching this video.

Stay classy, Brandon Phillips.

Hat Tip – [SI Wire]

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