Lincoln Field Security Guards Practice Tackling Fans Who Run onto the Field (Video)

eagles security guards practice tackling streakers

If you are an avid streaker, or maybe thinking about running onto the field at a sporting event for the very first time, you’re not just going to want to watch this video. You’re going to want to analyze and dissect it.

Why? Because this video contains an invaluable look at how stadium security guards practice taking down fans who run onto the field.

Oh yes, you read that right. Apparently stadium security guards practice tackling streakers. They’ve got their own little zone defense, and when they think no one is watching, they set guys loose on the field to practice. However, at Lincoln Field in Philadelphia recently, someone recorded one of the security guards’ streaker tackling practices (secretly, we presume, like Bill Belichick before Super Bowl XXXVI) in preparation for the upcoming NFL season.

Take a look:

So, study this, all you would-be streakers out there. Look for patterns, weaknesses and holes. Don’t end up like the kid at the MLB All-Star game. Be like the guy who made that legendary Minute Maid Park great escape.

Hat Tip – [Black Sports Online]

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