Camera Flash on Cell Phone Delays Major League Baseball Game (Video)

cell phone camera flash delays rays angles baseball game

Smartphones can do so many amazing things. They can send emails and texts, take videos and pictures, and provide access to the unlimited information out there on the internet.

Oh, and apparently they can also delay a Major League Baseball game.

Last night in Tampa, during the game between the Rays and Angels of Greater Anaheim in the Vicinity of Los Angeles, California, something in the stands was causing a distraction for the players out on the field. The umpires therefore had to get together and figure out what was going on. And when they did that, they pinpointed the problem: a bright light coming from the sixth row behind home plate.

The source of that light? A cell phone’s camera flash, of course. For some reason, some woman had the thing in flashlight mode during the game.

Also, for some reason, the TV announcers thought her cell phone case was either a penguin or a duck, when it was quite obviously a monkey.

Take a look:

So now you know how to get on TV if you’re sitting near the field at a ballgame. Have fun with that.

(No, I’m kidding. Don’t do that.)

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