English Soccer Player Gets Ejected, Walks Off Field, Saves a Fan’s Life

ben scott red card

English soccer goalie Ben Scott may be a menace on the field, but he’s a lifesaver off of it.

Scott plays for the Stocksbridge Park Steels of the Northern Premier League, which sits on the 8th tier of the English soccer pyramid. And since the 29-year-old doesn’t really have a lucrative soccer career ahead of him, he’s got himself a day job as a nurse.

Last Saturday, during an away game at King’s Lynn, Scott was ejected for a hard tackle. As he was making his walk of shame off the field, a girl ran past him saying that a man had died in the stands, so he went up to take a look.

It turned out that the man in his 70s had not in fact died, but was suffering from cardiac arrest. Together with the paramedics that volunteer to work at the local Northern Premier League games, Scott was able to use a defibrillator to restore a regular rhythm to the man’s heart, which saved his life.

“It was a fantastic bit of teamwork that gave that gentleman a fighting chance,” he said afterward. “You’ve got to bear in mind that these guys [St John Ambulance paramedics] do it for free—they were fantastic.”

Then he added, “It does put things into perspective. You do realize that football is only a game.”

Only a game indeed.

Hat Tip – [BBC via Dirty Tackle]

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