Lavelle Hawkins Gives Us the Highlight of Week 4 of the NFL Preseason (Video)

lavelle hawkins touchdown

The first three weeks of the NFL preseason are usually pretty boring, but they are nothing compared to week four. In weeks one, two and three, the first string players play at least half a game before the second and third stringers take over. However, for the final game of the preseason, the first stringers play about two minutes. For that reason, you really don’t expect much out of week four.

Today there is some good news, however. Not only is the NFL preseason officially over, but there was actually one really great play from the 4th quarter of a game in week four. It comes courtesy of 49ers wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins. After bobbling a pass over the middle from quarterback B.J. Daniels, he makes the catch, then bounces around like a pinball in the Chargers secondary before taking off to complete a 47-yard touchdown.

Here’s the video:

And because the NFL legal department is just no fun at all, here’s the animated GIF for when the above video disappears:

lavelle hawkins touchdown

Nice work, Lavelle. Hopefully that play will ensure you still have a job next week.

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