Clemson’s Stadium Entrance Is Everything That Is Right About College Football (Video)

clemson football stadium entrance

In recent weeks, some commentators have said that Johnny Manziel personifies everything that is wrong with college football.

Is that true? Probably not. But here is what I do know: the dramatic stadium entrance that the Clemson Tigers make before every home game exemplifies everything that’s right about the game, and as long as stuff like this still goes on, college football will be alright.

On Saturday night, ABC chose the game between #8 Clemson and #5 Georgia as their primetime game of the week to kick off the 2013 college football season. Prior to the game, they gave everyone watching at home an in-depth look at Clemson’s stadium entrance tradition.

From an objective point of view, boarding a fleet of busses, driving around the other side of the stadium in a motorcade, touching a lucky rock, and then running down a hill probably seems kind of silly. But these are the kinds of traditions—the ones that only make sense if you go back 50 years—that make college football so much fun.

Take a look:

By the way, Clemson won 38-35. Can you say, “home field advantage”?

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