Johnny Manziel Definitely Made the Most of His Half a Game on Saturday (Videos)

johnny manziel pointing at scoreboard

Well, week one of the Johnny Manziel show is officially in the books.

Of course, for a while it was looking like there wouldn’t even be a week one. Manziel autographed a ton of memorabilia back in January, and some folks recently came forward and stated the obvious: that he got paid for his efforts. However, Manziel denied it. The guy who rubs his fingers together after every touchdown said he signed all that stuff for those memorabilia dealers out of the kindness of his heart. Meanwhile, the NCAA—the same organization that took two years to investigate the University of Miami basketball program—just decided to abandon their investigation and settle for a half-game ban for the Texas A&M quarterback.

So there was a week one for Manziel. It just started about an hour later than expected. And, not surprisingly, the kid managed to cram a full game’s worth of firepower and controversy into half a game.

First, the firepower: the Aggies’ star QB threw for 94 yards and three touchdowns in his team’s 52-31 victory over Rice. So his appearance was brief but potent.

Second, the controversy: Johnny Football was cocky as hell, taunting anybody and everybody.

His famous “money” gesture? Yep, he did that. A lot.

manziel money

Then, after getting tackled by Rice player Nick Elder, some trash talk ended with Manziel miming an autograph:

And finally, after one of his touchdowns, Manziel responded to some more Rice trash talk by pointing to the scoreboard. That is a no-no in college football, so A&M got hit with a 15-yard penalty and Manziel got benched by his coach.

Some people experience a close call and come away with the realization that they are lucky and need to be more careful. Other people experience a close call and come away with the belief that they are, in fact, untouchable.

Apparently, Johnny Manziel is the latter. Maybe A&M should fly Matt Leinart down to College Station so he can tell Mr. Football how he used to be hot shit, too.

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