This Madrid Cop Has No Idea Who Gareth Bale Is (Video)

madrid cop has no idea who gareth bale is

Not everyone in Spain’s capital city is a huge Real Madrid fan. Some are Athlético Madrid fans. And apparently there’s at least one dude who, crazy as it seems, doesn’t follow the beautiful game at all.

How do we know this? Because the guy had no idea who Gareth Bale is.

Now, I realize that you may not know who Gareth Bale is, and that’s okay. Chances are you live in North America, so to you, “football” means pigskins and tailgating. But take it from me, to soccer fans Gareth Bale is a big deal. He’s an extremely talented Welshman who used to play for Tottenham in the English Premier League, but who recently was sold to Real Madrid for a world record $132 million.

And I’m not talking, Real Madrid signed Bale as a free agent to a $132 million contract. I’m talking, they paid $132 million to Tottenham just to take on whatever contract Bale already has.

As you would expect, therefore, this deal was pretty huge in Madrid, Spain, and pretty much everywhere that soccer is the number one sport. Speculation has been dragging on for weeks, and now that the deal is finalized and Bale has been officially introduced as a member of Real Madrid, the media coverage has hit a fever pitch.

So the fact that a policeman in Madrid somehow has no idea who Gareth Bale is? That’s pretty crazy.

Take a look:

Obviously you’re not a golfer.

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