Costa Rica Is Exacting Revenge on the USMNT for the Infamous ‘Snow Game’ (Videos)

usa vs costa rica snow game

Remember the infamous “snow game” between the United State Men’s National Soccer Team and Costa Rica back in March? The game, a World Cup Qualifier, was played in Colorado…during a blizzard. The Costa Ricans wanted the game suspended, but the officials insisted everyone play on, and USA won 1-0.

Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t go over very well in Costa Rica. And now, with the USMNT there all week preparing for another World Cup Qualifier, it seems the entire nation is getting its revenge.

It started the minute the USMNT got off the plane on Tuesday. In previous years they were directed through a private terminal. This time around, however, they were made to walk right through the middle of a public terminal where they were taunted and jeered by fans and airport workers:

After navigating this gauntlet, the team had to go through customs. In the past they were given special treatment there. This time around? Not so much.

usa mnt in costa rica 4

Apparently there were no problems with the team hotel, which seems like a minor miracle. However, there were problems securing a practice facility.

usa mnt in costa rica 2

And there were also some problems securing practice equipment. You see, it is customary for the host federation to provide visiting teams with a supply of the exact balls that will be used in the upcoming game so teams can get used to them. This time?

usa mnt in costa rica 3

Of course, today is only Thursday. The game isn’t until tomorrow night, which means there is still time for more shenanigans. For example…

usa mnt in costa rica 1

So yeah, the Costa Ricans are taking gamesmanship to another level. I’m thinking this could be a pretty interesting game.

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