You’re Not Going to Believe This Basketball Player Is Only in 8th Grade (Video)

ladarius marshall 8th grade basketball player

I was pretty tall for an 8th grader, and I was a pretty decent basketball player. As a result, I had a pretty healthy ego.

Fortunately, my 13-year-old self never came across an opponent like Ladarius Marshall. Ladarius just started his 8th grade year and is already 6’5″. Combine that with the fact that he is blessed with graceful athleticism, and what you’ve got is a basketball prospect who has been ranked by some as #2 in the country.

Of course, after you watch the following video, you’ll probably be wondering, “Who the hell is #1?”  Because Ladarius doesn’t just dunk. He blocks, rebounds, steals, and sinks jumpers, too.

It’s ridiculous:

Somewhere deep inside, my 8th grade self just got a major reality check.

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