Unsuspecting Female Fan Hit by Home Run Ball in Center Field Concourse at Citizens Bank Park (Video)

woman hit by home run ball at citizens bank park

Normally, when fans gets hit by home run balls, I don’t feel very sorry for them. Unlike fans sitting along the baselines, fans siting in the outfield have plenty of time to react to batted balls. With that three to four seconds of reaction time, if they aren’t paying enough attention to the game to avoid getting hit, they probably deserve what’s coming to them.

Exceptions to my callousness? People walking around in areas of the ballpark where you can reasonably expect players not to hit home runs—areas like the center field concourse at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Yesterday, the Atlanta Braves’ rookie catcher/left fielder Evan Gattis launched an epic moonshot off the Phillies’ Cole Hamels that landed in that center field concourse and hit a female fan. I don’t blame her for being careless, however, because no one had ever hit a ball to that center field concourse. In fact, at 487 feet, this was the longest home run in MLB this season, and the longest in the history of Citizens Bank Park.

Take a look:

See what I mean? If she were sitting in the bleachers checking Facebook on her phone, I’d say she deserved it. But out there you’d think you’re safe.

Fortunately, she was able to laugh it all off. Plus, it looks like somebody gave her that historic home run ball.

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