Terrelle Pryor Was Running All Over Everybody Yesterday in Indy (GIFs)

terrelle pryor running vs colts

If there’s one thing you’d expect Terrelle Pryor to be good at, it’s running. After all, the former Rose Bowl MVP and Ohio State quarterback got run right out of Columbus by the NCAA back in 2011 for signing autographs for money.

Now, of course, after spending a year as the backup to Carson Palmer, Pryor is the official starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. And in just his second career start yesterday, Pryor was still running. This time, however, he was running all over the Indianapolis Colts.

The Raiders’ new starting quarterback caused major headaches for the Indy defense, running the ball 13 times for 112 yards—which was the most rushing yards by any NFL player, running backs included, on Sunday. And he did it in style, too:

terelle-pryor-stiffarm-landry gif

With these kinds of slick moves, Pryor had the chain gang moving all day long.

He also had them falling on the ground:

terrell pryor runs over chain guy

Of course, in the end, Pryor’s big day wasn’t enough to get the Raiders a season-opening win. Ironically, it was a touchdown run from the game’s other quarterback—Andrew Luck—that wound up winning the game for the Colts.

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