Rocky Balboa and Philly Phanatic Featured on Chip Kelly’s Flashcards (Photo)

When Chip Kelly decided to bring his up-tempo offense to the National Football League this off-season, he didn’t leave his flashcards behind.

After orchestrating college football’s best offense as the head coach at Oregon for the past four seasons, Kelly proved that his quick-paced attack could still be effective at the pro level during the Philadelphia Eagles’ 33-27 victory over the Washington Redskins on Monday night.  And he also proved that his flashcard playcalling style could adapt to the NFL in general, and more specifically, to the city of Philadelphia.

chip kelly flashcards rocky philly phanatic

I’m going to guess that the Philly Phanatic card is short for, “East Right Flop, V Right all the way outside, Y Left, Fake 396 Bag, V Hinge, Z Puck.”

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