Jim Mora Abruptly Ends Press Conference Addressing Death of UCLA Player Because Some Idiot Was Talking on His Phone (Video)

Jim Mora UCLA football coach press conference

It’s funny how one little detail can completely change a story.

If I just tell you that UCLA football coach Jim Mora abruptly ended a press conference because a camera guy was talking on his phone, Jim Mora sounds like a bit of an a-hole. However, if I also mention that the subject of the press conference was the tragic passing of a UCLA football player—well, that changes things, doesn’t it?

UCLA walk-on receiver Nick Pasquale was hit by a car early Sunday morning in a residential neighborhood in San Clemente, California. The driver stayed by his side until ambulances arrived to take him to the hospital, but he later died from his injuries.

On Sunday evening, Pasquale’s parents, family, friends and former teammates—and UCLA coach Jim Mora—gathered for a candlelight vigil in San Clemente. Then, on Monday morning, Mora held a press conference to talk about the loss.

That’s when the camera guy was talking on the phone. I don’t know if he just was not paying attention to what was being said, and thus didn’t understand the somberness that was required, or what. But he was on the phone. And, worse yet, when Mora stopped his press conference and glared at the cameraman, the guy gestured for him to just go on.


Check it out:

Under the circumstances, I’d say Mora held it together pretty well.

In any case, according to reporters who were there, Mora gathered the regular UCLA beat writers on the field a little later on and talked more about Pasquale.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Nick Pasquale.

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