Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter Had a Heated Argument During Yankees-Orioles Game Last Night (Video)

girardi and showalter right during yankees orioles game

Lots of people complain about the new Major League Baseball playoff format. They say it waters down the postseason and changes what it really means to win a World Series.

On occasion, I am one of these people, and I do say that. However, I will also admit that it’s not a black and white issue, and that the new system has real advantages—the first and foremost being that it brings more teams into the “pennant races” (I use quotation marks because the “races” are no longer for the “pennant”), making them more intriguing.

Case in point? The heated argument that went down between the Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Orioles manager Buck Showalter last night. If there weren’t two wild card spots available, both of these teams would be all but finished for the year, and thus, the games they are playing right now would be less meaningful. But because there are two wild card spots, one of which is within their grasp, both still have a chance. And because of that, things got pretty heated when Girardi saw something he didn’t like.

The confrontation began in the bottom of the first. Girardi thought he saw the Orioles stealing signs, so he started chirping at their third base coach, Bobby Dickerson. Then Dickerson chirped back. Then Girardi started berating him. Then Showalter took offense. And then, finally, both managers came out of the dugout, engaged in a full-scale verbal war, and had to be restrained by the umpires.

Take a look:

Say what you want about how the playoff tradition has been watered down. You can’t deny that September baseball is still pretty entertaining.

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