This Young Trash Talking Jets Fan Is As Amazing, But Also a Little Depressing (Video)

loud mouth kid jets fan

These days, adult fans of the New York Jets spend most of their time heckling their own team. The kids, however, are considerably less jaded. They still root for and defend the home team against all comers.

Of course, being New Yorkers, they’re still pretty crude.

Take this kid, for example. On the one hand, it’s cute how passionate he is about the Jets, a team which any grown man with a modicum of intelligence understands is completely unworthy of loyalty these days. On the other hand, it’s pretty disturbing to hear a child yelling “IN YOUR FACE, LOSERS!” and “SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” at complete strangers. Or, you know, anyone.

Check him out:

Is anyone else concerned about what kinds of activities this kid is being exposed to, or is it just my friendly midwestern upbringing? Either way, I feel bad for him. One day, when he realizes how much the Jets suck, he’s going to feel pretty duped. And when that day arrives, he’ll have a lot of rage to deal with.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]