This 10-Year-Old Pee Wee Quarterback Is a Boss (Videos)

Josh Manfred 10-year-old quarterback amazing touchdown

Everyone knows that drop-back quarterbacks are the past and mobile quarterbacks are the future. The age of epic passers like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are coming to an end. The age of versatile threats like Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and Terrell Pryor (what?) is upon us.

That’s not to say those older guys are washed up or ineffective. Obviously that’s not the case at all. It’s just to say that there has been a strategic paradigm shift.

Maybe you think this is fantastic. Maybe you don’t like it at all. But it certainly bodes well for young kids like Josh Manfred. He’s a 10-year-old quarterback from Houston, Texas, and he definitely looks to have the makings of a great mobile quarterback.

Check this out:

If you’re keeping score at home, that touchdown run featured a broken tackle, a sweet juke, and a stiff-arm.

Oh, and he can throw the ball, too. Take a look at his highlight reel:

Yeah, I guess this kid is okay. Write his name down. You’ll want to keep an eye out for him on your fantasy draft board in 2027.

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