25 Hottest NFL WAGs of 2013

Hottest NFL WAGs 2013

We’ve covered the first week of NFL action from just about every angle here at Total Pro Sports. Wardrobe malfunctions? Check. Dirty hits? Check. Sideline vomiting? Check. Big surprises? Check. Rowdy kid fans? Check. Epic celebration fails? Check.

However, there is one important angle left to cover, and we’re going to tackle that today: the gorgeous wives and girlfriend of the 2013 NFL season.

I’m pretty sure I say this every time we do a WAG list, but it really does seem like the wives and girlfriends of NFL players are getting hotter every single year. For example, normally it’s not that difficult to pick out the top five. This year, however, it was pretty challenging to pick out the top 15—that’s how strong the field is.

Of course, ultimately you should take my rankings with a grain of salt. They are totally subjective. What’s really important here is that you get to look at pictures of beautiful women…and be reminded of how you would never have a shot with any of them.



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