Chris Davis Pulls His Own Version of the Hidden Ball Trick (Video)

chris davis ball in shirt

Whenever Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis has come to the plate this season, balls have ended up all over the place—right field, left field, center field, bleachers, upper deck. You name the spot and he’s probably put a ball there, because that’s what happens when you hit 49 home runs.

However, on Monday night, Davis managed to put a ball somewhere entirely new. Specifically, inside his shirt.

During his first inning at bat against the Yankees’ C.C. Sabathia, while Joe Girardi was busy starting a fight with Buck Showalter, Davis fouled a ball into the dirt that caromed off his knee and up to his chest, where it found the opening in his jersey and ducked inside for a nap.

Seriously, what are the chances of that?  Take a look:

That’s certainly one way to pull off the hidden ball trick. It’s a shame O’s broadcasters Gary Thorne (who I really like) and Jim Hunter were too busy yapping to notice it while it was actually happening.

Seriously, what ever happened to announcers actually describing what is happening?

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