San Marino National Soccer Team Scores First Goal in Five Years, Celebrates Accordingly (Video)

san marino goal vs poland

On Tuesday night, the national soccer team of San Marino celebrated a game-tying goal midway through the first half of their World Cup qualifier against Poland as though they’d just tied the finals of the World Cup in the final minute of regulation. And, obviously, that’s just not something you see very often.

Then again, you don’t see San Marino score goals like that very often. In fact, they don’t score goals of any sort very often. The one I’m talking about? Yeah, that was San Marino’s first goal in five years.

San Marino, of course, is a tiny fully independent microstate completely surround by Italy. The entire country is just 24 square miles, and the population is just 32,000. It’s no surprise, then, that San Marino doesn’t fare well in international soccer competitions. Putting a team of Sammarineses together to compete against the likes of Italy, England, Spain, or even just Poland would be like putting together a team made up entirely of people from remote little Missoula, Montana…if Missoula were only half its actual size.

So yeah, actually scoring a goal? That’s a pretty big deal for Team San Marino. And it just so happens that the goal they scored was a beauty.

Take a look:

Poland would go on to score four more unanswered goals and win 5-1, which barely keeps them alive in their World Cup qualifying pool. However, they also have to live with the fact that they are the ones who gave up a goal to San Marino, which probably stings a bit.

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