And Here’s Your First Fan Fight of the NFL Season. Thanks Cleveland! (Video)

browns fans fight in parking lot after game

The first great fan fight video of the college football season was kind of funny. The combatants were almost comically out of shape, and even the blows that were landed didn’t look all that painful.

The first great fan fight of the NFL season is a different story. This one comes to us from a Cleveland parking lot following the Browns’ season-opening loss (whaaat?) to the Dolphins, and it was a little more gritty. There were more people involved, the hits were harder, and they were dirtier as well.

It all starts out with a woman yelling at some guy. She actually pushes or hits him, which technically means she started the fight. And to the guy’s credit, he did not hit her back.

However, as the yapping continued, not everyone in his entourage proved to be so honorable. While the guys who were with the woman were holding her back and preventing her from getting into more trouble, one of the other fine gentlemen came back and sucker punched one of them in the side of the head…from behind.


Take a look:

Come on Browns fans. I know your team is awful, but keep it together. There are still 15 more games to go.

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