Here’s Your First Fan Fight of the College Football Season (Video)

fan fight at nevada reno-uc david football game

Today we finally have for you our first fan fight of the college football season, and it is a good one.

Or maybe I should say, the quality of the video is good. The person who shot it held their phone horizontally and got a good, clear look at the action.

The fight itself? It’s definitely heated, and there are some real punches landed. But it’s also pretty one-sided, and neither of the combatants are particularly skilled. Of course, that’s probably just as well. I’d feel kind of bad about gawking at a fan fight if I thought somebody got seriously hurt.

In any case, the fight went down last Saturday at the University of Nevada-Reno football game against UC Davis. According to the YouTube uploader, the guy who takes the beating is actually the one who started it. The guy who gave the beating simply decided he had had enough of the other dude’s crap, so he went nuts on him.

Take a look:

Don’t you just love the reaction of the usher? The poor girl wants nothing to do with breaking up that fight, and I can’t say I blame her.

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