Evan Gattis Home Run Ball Hits Fan…Again (Video)

gattis home run nutshot

If you find yourself at a Major League Baseball game in which the Atlanta Braves are playing, you’re going to want to be extra careful when catcher/left fielder Evan Gattis is at the plate. The dude has a penchant for hitting fans with home run balls.

On Sunday night in Philadelphia he hit the longest home run of the 2013 MLB season and hit a woman walking to get some nachos or something in the center field concourse. Now, last night in Miami, he did it again. The home run off Jose Fernandez wasn’t nearly as monstrous, and the person it hit was at least aware that the ball was heading in his direction. However, that knowledge did not prevent the ball from hitting him—oh yeah, that’s right—in the nuts.

Here’s the video of the home run:

And here is the animated GIF, in which you get a much better look at what we can only assume was a massively painful nutshot:

gattis home run nutshot

Like I said at the top—if you’re at a ballgame and Gattis is at the plate, look out.

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