There Was Also a Fan Fight at Tuesday’s Brazil-Portugal Friendly in Boston (Video)

fan fight portugal-brazil soccer game

We’ve already given you two football fan fights today. Why not go for the hat trick?

Of course, it’s only a hat trick on a technicality. While the first two fights we saw were between fans of American football, the one we have for you now was between fans of that sport everyone else calls football, but which we call soccer. But whatever, right? Fights! Violence!

It happened at Tuesday night’s international friendly match between Brazil and Portugal in Boston. We have no idea what caused the fight, and we don’t really get the best view from the video that made it up on YouTube. But since it’s soccer we’re talking about, I assume the first guy threw a punch and missed, but the second guy dropped to the ground anyway and rolled around grabbing his ankles.

Take a look:

In other news, Brazilian superstar Neymar scored an absolutely brilliant goal…

…and Brazil beat Portugal 3-1. But who cares about that, right? Fight! Fight! Fight!

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