Marlins Rookie Jose Fernandez Hits First Career Home Run, Almost Incites Bench-Clearing Brawl (Video)

marlins and braves benches clear after jose fernandez home run

Miami Marlins rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez has had one hell of a rookie season. The 21-year-old kid is second in the National League with a ridiculous 2.19 ERA, sixth in strikeouts with 187, and third in walks and hits per inning pitched with a minuscule 0.98.

With that kind of talent, you can’t really blame the Marlins for being cautious and giving him a strict innings limit. You don’t want him to overextend himself, get worn out, and end up injured like Stephen Strasburg a few years ago. And with that limit in place, everyone knew that Wednesday night’s game against the Atlanta Braves would be Fernandez’s final start of the season.

So how did this young ace cap his brilliant rookie season? By crushing his first career home run, admiring it for a little longer than he should have, and almost starting a brawl.

Yes, after Fernandez unloaded on a pitch from Mike Minor, he sauntered out of the box, admiring his blast. As you probably know, that’s a no-no in baseball, so afterward Bran McCann decided to have a few words with Fernandez. McCann stayed pretty calm, but that didn’t stop the benches from clearing.

Take a look:

Talk about going out with a bang. We’ll see you next year, Jose Fernandez.

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