This Foul-Mouthed Old Lady Getting Ejected from the US Open Is the Best Thing on the Internet Today (Video)

foul-mouthed us open lady

I don’t do this very often, but here I’m going to make you a personal guarantee.  The video you are about to watch? It’s the best thing you will see on the internet today.

The subject of the video is a foulmouthed fan getting kicked out of a sporting event. I know that doesn’t sound all that amazing, because we see those sorts of things all the time. What makes this one special, however, is the fact that the foulmouthed fan is a sweet-looking old lady, and the sporting event is the 2013 US Open.

If this were an NFL game, it wouldn’t be that unusual. Well, maybe the “sweet-looking old lady” part, but not the foul language. Sure, somebody might throw a beer at her for telling everyone to “SHUT THE F*CK UP”—which she does repeatedly. But rowdy fans are to be expected in football.

This is not the case at the US Open. While fans there are rowdier than, say, Wimbledon fans, they still more or less adhere to the laws of tennis decorum. And those laws say you just don’t tell the people around you to go f*ck themselves.

But enough of my rambling. Enjoy the hell out of this video: