Manti Te’o’s Imaginary Girlfriend One Year Anniversary (Funniest Memes)

It might be hard to believe, but yesterday, September 12th, marked the one year anniversary of Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriendLennay Kekua” succumbed to her battle with made-upitis.

It was a tough time for all of us, most of all Te’o, who had the courage and tenacity to step on the field and give it his all, despite mourning the death of his non-existent girlfriend. And since then, so much has happened – Te’o signed with the San Diego Chargers, for one – but it’s important that we all take a moment to remember Ms. Kekua. They say that you actually die twice – once when you breathe your last breath, and again when the last person who knew you speaks your name. Let’s make sure that Lennay doesn’t have to suffer again, OK?

To help you do that, there’s an array of images in the gallery at the top of the page. And remember to call your own imaginary girlfriend, because you never know when worst might come to worst.

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