Aussie Rugby Player in Hot Water for Biting Opponent’s Penis (Video)


Say what you want about the dirty play of Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. At least the guy has never bitten anyone’s penis on the field (what he does off the field is his own business).

That is something you cannot say about Australian rugby player Anthony Watts. The 26-year-old Watts, pictured above, used to play in the National Rugby League, which is the premier league in Australia. However, he was dropped by his team after allegations of domestic abuse, at which point he joined the Tugun Seahawks of the Gold Coast-Tweed Rugby League.

Now he’s running into trouble in the GCRL as well. During a recent match against the Bilambil Jets, Watts tried to jam the ball over the try line but was denied. Then, out of frustration, or perhaps in retaliation, he bit the “groin region” of one of the Jets players.

Immediately afterward the Jets player pulled his shorts down and showed the damage, which is believed to be considerable, to the referee, who subsequently ejected Watts from the game.

Now he’s been suspended for eight weeks.

Check out the local news report:

I don’t know how they do things down under, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Watt is no longer a member of the Seahawks by the time his eight-week ban is over. Having a guy who bites people in the junk on your team is bad for your image.

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