High School Punt Returner Offers A Master Class In Punt Returns (Video)

 high school punt return master

Andover High School in Kansas has a punt returner by the name of Eli Renoux.  You might want to remember that name, if his recent punt return is any demonstration of his abilities.

Over the course of the more than 60-yard punt return, Renoux pulls an array of maneuvers, any one of which would be impressive on their own: a field reversal, stiff-arm, a hurdle, and even a spin move.  All  of those moves took place before he landed himself in the end zone.

You can see the video below.  And be sure to turn the speakers down, as the commentators get a little loud as Renoux gets closer to scoring the touchdown.  Heck, you might get a little loud, too, because it’s that good.

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