Joey Votto Goes Behind-the Back for “Defensive Play of the Year” Nominee (Video)

joey votto behind-the-back play

First base is not a premium defensive position. It’s where most teams put the guys who can hit but can’t run (See Fielder, Prince). For that reason, whenever we see a phenomenal defensive play by a first baseman, it really sticks in our memory.

Earlier this season, for example, it was the Tigers’ Victor Martinez that really caught our eye with a big play. Now it’s Cincinnati’s Joey Votto.

Votto, of course, is one of the best hitters in baseball, so he would be playing every single day even if he were absolutely terrible at first base. However, in recent years he’s worked hard to become a better defender, and yesterday in Milwaukee it payed off big time. Brewers outfielder Logan Shafer hit a slow-roller to the right side of the infield that looked like it just might go for a hit, but Votto managed to get to the ball and flipped it behind his back to Bronson Arroyo, who stepped on the bag for the out.

Take a look:

Yep, with that I’d say Votto just won his second Gold Glove award. Those things are handed out based on voting among MLB managers, and this is the kind of play that will stick out in their minds when they sit down and fill out their ballots.

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