Here’s Johnny Manziel with the Play of the Year in College Football (GIFs)

manziel scream

On this past Saturday afternoon, just the third of the 2013 NCAA football season, we were treated to what was considered the “game of the year” heading into the season: Alabama vs. Texas A&M.

Unfortunately for Aggies fans and the legend of Johnny Football, A&M was not able to beat the Crimson Tide for the second consecutive year. A.J. McCaron may not have any Heisman’s on his resume, but he does have a pretty hot girlfriend and two National Championship rings, and he and the rest of the Tide were able to roll over Manziel and company, 49-42.

That being said, probably the only play anyone is going to remember from this game was performed by the losing quarterback. With the score tied 14-14 in the second quarter, the Aggies’ offensive line let a Crimson Tide pass rusher break through on a 3rd and eight from the Alabama 34 yard line. To avoid the sack, Johnny Football scrambled all the way back to his own 40 yard line and launched a pass that would give any offensive coordinator in football a nasty case of heartburn.

Of course, like most things (including NCAA investigations), it all worked out for Manziel. The pass found a receiver down field for a gain of about 12 yards.


johnny manziel crazy play 1

johnny manziel crazy play 2

johnny manziel crazy play 3

Johnny Football, everyone. Let’s give this cocky bastard a hand.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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