Six Months After Breaking His Leg in Half, Kevin Ware Is Back on the Court—and Dunking (Video)

kevin ware dunking

Hey, remember last spring when Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware broke his leg in half during the Elite Eight? Yeah, that was pretty much the most horrifying thing that most sports fans had ever seen. If it had happened during some obscure sporting event and then we all read about it on the internet a couple of days later, that would have been one thing. But it happened during a major event that we were all watching live on television, which made it that much more shocking.

And then, of course, after our own queasiness died down, we experienced collective heartbreak for Ware and his teammates. It’s one thing to see that, and another to live it. The anguish was palpable.

Fortunately, Kevin Ware’s spirit was strong, and he never lost hope. Not long after the incident, he made a funny appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, showing everyone that he was not going to let the gruesome injury beat him.

Now he’s back on the court, just six months after his devastating injury…dunking.

Take a look:

If I were in that situation I would have been terrified to jump ever again. Of course, that probably explains why I am not an elite athlete—lack of fortitude. (Well, also a lack of skill.)

Congratulations, Kevin Ware. Can’t wait to see you back on the court in a couple of months.

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