Terry Bradshaw Drops F-Bomb on Live TV While Explaining His Aversion to ‘Old Ugly-Ass’ Mothers (Video)

terry bradshaw f-bomb on Fox sports 1

Most of the time, when an f-bomb makes it onto the air during a sports-related television broadcast, it’s of the “Woo hoo, we f**kin’ won!” or “This is f**king bulls**t!” variety, a la Joe Flacco after Super Bowl XLVII or Warren Sapp on the NFL Network. And rarely do the people dropping these bombs have much to be sorry about, because the stuff they’re  saying usually isn’t so much offensive as it is unsuitable for certain audiences.

Then there is Terry Bradshaw. They’re still working out all the kinks over at Fox Sports 1, and on Friday, that meant Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson were walking to their seats on the set of Fox Football Daily when, unbeknownst to them, the folks up in the booth made their microphones live.

What did they catch? Oh, just Bradshaw saying, “…besides, I wouldn’t have f**ked his old ugly-ass mother anyways. God dang. I got more pride than that.”

Yep. Wow.

Take a look:

Now, we have no idea whose mother Bradshaw was talking about. But generally speaking, it’s considered uncouth to speak about anyone’s mother like that.

In any case, so far Fox Sports 1 has apologized to the public and to Bradshaw for putting him on the air without his knowledge. But Bradshaw has not apologized to that poor old ugly-ass mother—at least, not publicly.

Hat Tip – [Hollywood Reporter]

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