This 49ers Fan Is Lucky to Be Alive After Sucker Punching a Seahawks Fan at CenturyLink Field (Video)

49ers fan punches seahawks fan after interception

I honestly do not know what is more unbelievable about the clip you are about to watch—the fact that a 49ers fan had the balls to cold cock a Seahawks fan while completely surrounded by other Seahawks fans, or the fact that nobody retaliated.

Seriously, I am mystified. On Sunday night in Seattle, a Seahawks fan sitting in the upper deck happened to be recording video on his phone when Richard Sherman grabbed his game-clinching interception. Obviously the fans inside CenturyLink Field were going nuts, so the cameraman panned around to take it all in. And while doing so, he captured something utterly insane.

Standing right next to the person taking the video was a 49ers fan. When the camera was pointing at him he cheered sarcastically. Then he turned and sucker-punched the Seahawks fan on the other side of him right in the face.

Now at this point, if you were telling me this story, I would have assumed that a massive brawl ensued. And if you said that there was no brawl, I would have been incredulous, to say the least.

However, if you had said that there wasn’t even any pushing or shoving following the unexpected violence, but that the victim just got up and glared at the Niners douche with a confused look on his face, I would have said you are full of sh*t.

But that’s exactly what happened. Take a look:

I think I speak for everyone when I say…

wtf jack black gif

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