Cristiano Ronaldo Completes Champions League Hat Trick with Ridiculous Golazo (GIFs)

cristiano ronaldo champions league hat trick

Earlier this month, Real Madrid made huge waves in international soccer by acquiring Welsh winger Gareth Bale away from Tottenham with a world record fee of $132 million. Sure, not everyone was excited, but most serious soccer fans took note. And pretty much immediately, people started wondering how Real’s reigning prima donna, Cristiano Ronaldo, would handle the news.

Well, he handled the news well enough publicly. Then he went and made the team give him more money in the form of a 5-year contract extension that pays him $33 million a year and makes him, once again, the highest paid player in the world.

But was that enough to make Cristiano truly content? Judging by his incredible performance in Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League opener against Turkish club Galatasaray, I’d say yes, Cristiano is content. The guy recorded a hat trick in the thunderous 6-1 rout. And while the first two goals were pretty much gimmes…

ronaldo champions league hat trick goal 1

ronaldo champions league hat trick goal 2

…the third goal was one that only a handful of players in the world could have scored.


ronaldo champions league hat trick goal 3

The lesson here? If you want to get the very best out of Cristiano Ronaldo, just throw money at him. Kind of like a stripper.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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