Tom Brady’s Head Photoshopped onto Miley Cyrus’s Naked Body in “Wrecking Ball” Music Video Parody

miley cyrus wrecking ball tom brady edition

If you’re one of the 120,000,000 people who has watched the latest Miley Cyrus video, “Wrecking Ball,” then you realize the video is already a parody of itself. The thing starts off with a closeup of Cyrus singing to her lover with a single tear rolling down her cheek, then cuts to shots of her sensually licking a sledge hammer, humping a wrecking ball, and writhing around on rubble. It’s just f**king hilarious.

Still, the fact that the original video is so awesome has not prevented the interwebs from trying to make it even more awesome. And, to that end, last Friday somebody came up with “Wrecking Ball: Nicolas Cage Edition”—a version of the video in which Cage’s face is superimposed over Miley’s face.

That was good. But the internet was not going to stop there. Now there is a Tom Brady edition.

Why Brady? Why not, I guess.

In any case, here’s the original video:

Here is the Cage version:

And, last but not least, here is the Brady version:

The only thing that could have made this one better? A pair of Uggs.

Oh well. Can’t think of everything.

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