Incredible Video Shot with GoPro Cam Shows What It’s Like to Fly Like an Eagle (Video)

eagle point of view gopro video

If you are an extreme sports enthusiasts, GoPro cameras are essential pieces of equipment. You never know when your mountain biking, base jumping, or skateboarding adventure is going to yield something totally epic, and if you aren’t recording it, no one will ever believe you.

That being said, chances are you’ll never capture any video more amazing than what you are about to see. Because, chances are, you cannot fly like an eagle.

Oh yes, that’s right. This is a video shot by a GoPro camera strapped to the back of an eagle soaring over the French Alps. Obviously, we must maintain a hint of skepticism here, because people have been able to make convincing-but-fake videos of eagles doing amazing things before. But the eagle’s movements absolutely look real, and I certainly hope they are, because this video is awesome. It was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday by an extreme sports enthusiast who calls himself Srachi, and as of Thursday morning it has over 1.3 million views.

Check it out:

Yeah, sorry, I’m no longer interested in videos of your bungee jumping. Thanks.

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