Awkward! Astros’ Jonathan Villar Slides Face-First Into Brandon Phillips Butt (Video + GIF)

astros jonathan villar slides into brandon phillips ass

The Houston Astros aren’t just bad. They are comically bad. Watching them is like watching the Cleveland Indians in Major League before they start to turn things around. It’s ridiculous, but hard to look away.

Of course, it’s been like this for several years now. The ‘Stros are trying to rebuild, and that’s great. But it took them so long to strip the team down. I mean, if you gave Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria 15 minutes he could get rid of every single player on Miami’s 40-man roster, but for some reason Houston took their time and did it over the course of two seasons.

Thus, it’s been a painful process for Astros fan, but quite an enjoyable one for the rest of us. Last August alone they gave us two hilariously funny bloopers—one involving a sad attempt to throw baseballs, and another involving a sad attempt to run the bases.

Today? Well, today we’ve got an Astros blooper that can top both of those. On Tuesday night against the Reds, Houston shortstop Jonathan Villar tried to stretch a single into a double. Unfortunately, the Reds were sharp and got the ball to second base in a hurry to tag Villar out…as he slid face-first into the butt of Brandon Phillips.

Here’s the video:

And in case you want to watch Villar’s face get smushed up against Phillips’s ass over and over and over, here is the GIF:

astros jonathan villar butt slide

Yep, this is pretty much all you need to know about the Houston Astros.

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